PRESERVAC PXXL-i400 Commercial Vacuum Sealer Machine (40cm)

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PreserVac PXXL-i400 Vacuum Sealing Machine

Experience the PreserVac PXXL-i400: an unparalleled vacuum sealing machine tailored for industrial, commercial, and rigorous home use. Elevate food preservation, minimize waste, and streamline storage with this powerhouse device.

PRESERVAC PXXL-i400: The Ultimate Commercial Vacuum Sealer

Step up Your Sealing Game with PRESERVAC PXXL-i400

Unveil the wonders of superior food preservation with the state-of-the-art PRESERVAC PXXL-i400. Taste Factory Pty Ltd brings to you an epitome of durability and efficiency, all packed into a sleek, modern design.

Top Features to Watch Out For

  • Rapid Quick-Lock System for swift operations
  • Dynamic DC Motor & Dual Pump built for endurance
  • Vast 40 cm Double Seal ensuring impeccable sealing
  • Bonus: Receive a total of 10 vacuum sealer rolls!
  • Guarantees: 2-year Commercial Use & 2-year Domestic Use Warranty for peace of mind.

Your Commercial Kitchen Needs This!

With the PRESERVAC PXXL-i400, experience an unmatched freshness and prolong food shelf life, thereby saving on both food waste and preparation time. Whether you’re a chef, butcher, or a home enthusiast, this machine is tailored for you.

Built to Last

The PXXL-i400 isn’t just any vacuum sealer. Engineered with a powerful 360 watts, an expansive 40cm double sealing bar, and a dual pump that extracts 25 liters per minute, it is designed to stand the test of time. Plus, with its ability to perform 150 vacuum sealing cycles without a break, it’s truly a workhorse.

Seamless User Experience

The PreserVac ensures every use is intuitive and hassle-free.

  • Advanced Control Panel: Watch the magic happen with clear, real-time progress updates.
  • Built-in Accessories: From a roll dispenser with a cutter to the bonus vacuum sealer rolls, we’ve got you covered.
  • Versatile Sealing Options: Marinate, store, or sous-vide – it’s your choice.

Why Choose PRESERVAC PXXL-i400?

  • Superior Vacuum Results: Whether you’re a fisher, farmer, or a foodie, the PXXL-i400 promises top-notch sealing that retains the freshness, flavor, and nutrients of your food.
  • Innovative Design: Built with a black stainless steel cover & plastic, it’s not just functional but also aesthetically appealing.

Product Specifications:

Specification Detail
Model: PXXL-i400
Power (Wattage): 360 Watts
Dimensions: 500 x 380 x 105 mm
Weight: 5.8 kg
Max Vacuum Pressure: -0.9 bar
Sealing Bar Length: 400 mm
Warranty: 2 years (both commercial & domestic)
Country of Origin: P.R.C.

Bonus: 10 x Vacuum Sealer Rolls!

Decoding the Model Number

Understanding the PXXL-i400:

  • P for PreserVac
  • X denoting External Vacuum Sealer
  • XL signifying Extra Large capacity
  • R highlighting the integrated Roll Dispenser & Cutter
  • i representing industrial-grade performance
  • 400 for the impressive 400mm double sealing bar

H2: Ready to Upgrade Your Kitchen?

The PRESERVAC PXXL-i400 isn’t just a purchase; it’s an investment in quality, durability, and unparalleled functionality. Step into the future of food preservation today!

Weight 5.9 kg
Dimensions 50 × 18 × 13.5 cm


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