Oliso Pro VS95A Starter Kit

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Feature Description
Vacuum Sealer Type SMART Vacuum Sealer
Included Accessories Reusable Vacuum Bags
Motor System Dual Motor System
Storage Convenience Fits in a drawer

Oliso Pro VS95A Starter Kit – Elevate Your Food Storage Experience

Discover the Ultimate in Food Preservation with Oliso Pro VS95A Starter Kit

Introducing the Oliso Pro VS95A Starter Kit, a game-changing solution for advanced food preservation. Elevate your kitchen experience with this innovative vacuum sealer that features patented Dual Seal Freshkeeper® technology and a powerful dual motor system.

Exceptional Dual Motor Performance

At the heart of the Oliso Pro VS95A is a robust dual motor system that ensures unparalleled vacuum sealing performance. This advanced technology not only enhances the efficiency of the sealing process but also guarantees the utmost freshness for your stored food, setting it apart from traditional vacuum sealers.

Revolutionary Zip-Top Bags

Bid farewell to the tedious task of cutting and crafting your own bags. Oliso redefines convenience with the inclusion of zip-top bags that are designed for repeated vacuuming. These bags, a result of award-winning design, create a small incision and seamlessly seal around it. This innovation is particularly beneficial for sealing liquids and optimizing compact storage.

How It Works

The Oliso Pro VS95A operates with the cutting-edge Oliso Smart Vacuum Sealer™ technology. The commercial-power dual motor system delivers exceptional vacuum sealing results, and the patented Dual Seal Freshkeeper® technology ensures that your food maintains its freshness for an extended period.

Unlike conventional vacuum sealers, the Oliso Pro utilizes reusable zip-top bags. These bags can be vacuumed multiple times, making them an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice. The vacuuming process involves creating a small incision, extracting the air, and sealing around it, making it the perfect solution for liquids and efficient storage.

Compact in size, the Oliso Pro VS95A is designed to seamlessly integrate into any kitchen space. The automatic bag detection feature simplifies the entire vacuum sealing process, adding an extra layer of user-friendly functionality.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dual Motor System: Commercial-power motors for exceptional sealing performance
  • Dual Seal Freshkeeper® Technology: Patented technology for ultimate freshness
  • Zip-Top Bags: Reusable bags designed for repeated vacuuming
  • Compact Size: Perfect fit for any kitchen space
  • Automatic Bag Detection: Streamlining the vacuum sealing process

Trust in Freshness, Choose Oliso Pro VS95A Starter Kit

Build trust in your food storage with the Oliso Pro VS95A Starter Kit. Embrace the future of vacuum sealing technology, where freshness meets innovation. Transform your kitchen experience with a solution designed to simplify and enhance your food preservation routine.

Order Your Oliso Pro VS95A Starter Kit Today

Ready to experience a new level of food preservation? Order your Oliso Pro VS95A Starter Kit now and unlock the potential of advanced vacuum sealing technology in your kitchen.


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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 43.2 × 31 × 12 cm


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