LAVA NEW-Line Vacuum Marinating Container Set + Hand Pump


Feature Description
Capacity (650ml) 650ml, Dimensions: 120x130x105mm (WxLxH)
Capacity (1650ml) 1650ml, Dimensions: 205x125x105mm (LxWxH)
Capacity (2000ml) 2000ml, Dimensions: 155x150x155mm (WxLxH)
Hand Pump included Includes a hand pump for convenience

Discover the Art of Culinary Preservation with the LAVA NEW-Line Vacuum Marinating Container Set + Hand Pump

Unlock a world of freshness with the LAVA NEW-Line Vacuum Marinating Container Set + Hand Pump. Our commitment to preserving the essence of your favorite foods led us to create these exceptional containers. Crafted from top-tier, BPA-free plastic, these containers redefine the standards of freshness maintenance for a diverse range of items, from delicate teas and herbs to hearty pre-cooked meals. Welcome to a new era of food preservation, where convenience meets innovation.

The Complete Marinating Container Set + Hand Pump

This all-encompassing set includes:

  1. Small Pump “Easy-Pump – Small” with Wall Holder: Sealing freshness is effortless with the included pump, complemented by a convenient wall holder for seamless storage.
  2. New-Line Container (650 ml): Compact and practical, measuring 120 x 130 x 105 mm (LxWxH).
  3. New-Line Container (2000 ml): Tailored for larger quantities, with dimensions of 155 x 150 x 155 mm (LxWxH).
  4. New-Line Container (1650 ml): Striking the perfect balance between size and functionality, measuring 205 x 125 x 105 mm (LxWxH).

Versatility, Quality, and Beyond

Designed to endure temperatures from -30°C to +130°C, the LAVA Vacuum Marinating Container Set adapts to diverse food storage needs. Crafted from LAVA’s premium Tritan material, these containers, coupled with the robust ABS cover, offer a reliable solution for fridge, freezer, or microwave use (without the cover). Versatility meets quality in every container.

Effortless Mastery of Vacuum Sealing

Say goodbye to intricate vacuum systems. The LAVA Vacuum Containers embrace simplicity, allowing you to achieve an airtight seal within seconds using a vacuum sealer or the LAVA hand pump “Easy-Pump.” The container lid’s scroll wheel facilitates easy date adjustment, while the visual display of the pressure cap ensures an optimal vessel vacuum. Keep your food fresh, as the practical grid floor prevents them from succumbing to excess liquids.

Dishwasher-Safe and BPA-Free Assurance

Experience the convenience of easy cleaning, as these Vacuum Marinating Container are dishwasher-safe (without the cover). Prioritize the safety of your food, knowing that these containers are meticulously crafted from high-quality, BPA-free materials.

Elevate your culinary journey with the LAVA NEW-Line Vacuum Marinating Container Set + Hand Pump. Redefine freshness, simplify your kitchen routine, and make these containers an indispensable asset for preserving the quality and flavor of your favorite foods.


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