LAVA LiquidStop


Specification Details
Width 30 cm
Length Extends up to 12 meters
Material Two layers of PE film
Application For liquid and bone protection during vacuum sealing
Compatibility Suitable for various vacuum sealing needs

Seal Safely with LAVA LiquidStop Your Liquid & Bone Protection Solution

Meet the LAVA LiquidStop, your steadfast guardian against liquid leaks and bone damage during vacuum sealing. This versatile 30 cm wide roll, extending up to 12 meters, is not only a solution to pesky air leaks but also serves as a reliable bone protection material, ensuring a flawless vacuum-sealing process.

LAVA LiquidStop

Unveiling LAVA LiquidStop

Liquid & Bone Protection Combined:
  • Bid farewell to air leaks and moisture bubbles with this 30 cm wide roll.
  • Extends up to 12 meters, providing ample coverage for various vacuum sealing needs.
Application Made Simple:
  • Cut a 2 cm strip and place it just below the welding area, covering the entire bag width.
  • As you vacuum, LiquidStop collects liquids, leaving welds clean and bags securely sealed.
  • One roll serves up to 600 bags with a 30 cm width
Versatile Protection:

Beyond safeguarding your vacuum packaging, LAVA LiquidStop is a versatile solution.

Protect & Preserve:
  • Economical use by cutting as needed.
  • Bid adieu to air leaks and packaging damage.
  • Adhesion-free with two layers of PE film.
  • Absorbs liquids without compromising your vacuumed goods.
  • Eliminates air leaks from faulty weld seams.
  • Safeguards vacuum devices from liquid-induced damage.
  • Odorless and food-safe for peace of mind.
  • Multiple applications – from containers to bowls, for various foods like meat, vegetables, salads, and fruit.

LAVA LiquidStop

Trust in LAVA LiquidStop

Trust in the reliability of LAVA LiquidStop to ensure your vacuum-sealed items remain pristine. With its unique combination of liquid and bone protection, this roll stands out as an essential tool for every kitchen.


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