LAVA 100 Labels for Food Vacuum Bags


Feature Description
Labels per Roll 100 labels on a roll
Freezer Use Possible to use in a freezer
Washable Labels are washable
Compatibility Suitable for all vacuum foils

Stay Organized with LAVA 100 Labels for Food Vacuum Bags

Are you tired of the guessing game when it comes to your stored food? Our LAVA 100 Labels for Food Vacuum Bags are here to bring order to your kitchen chaos. Compatible with all vacuum bags and rolls, these labels are your ticket to a more organized and efficient food storage system.

Labels for Food Vacuum Bags

Versatile Adhesion, Lasting Durability

Crafted from a durable, laminated material, our labels are built to withstand the demands of your kitchen. Whether you’re storing food in the freezer, heating it in the microwave, or running it through the dishwasher, these labels stay put. The versatility extends to various surfaces, including smooth plastics, glass, and stainless steel.

Easy Labeling, Easy Reuse

Each roll of LAVA Labels features LAVA 100 Labels for Food Vacuum Bags, equipped with 5 labeling fields – Inhalt (contents), Datum (date), Grundpreis (base price), Gewicht (weight), and Preis (price). Keep track of your food with precision and reduce waste by knowing exactly what you have on hand. When changes are needed, these labels are easily erasable and reusable.

Labels for Food Vacuum Bags

Pro Tip: Unleash the Power of LAVA Permanent Marker

For optimal results, pair these labels with our LAVA Permanent Marker. This specialized marker ensures that your labeling is clear, long-lasting, and resistant to smudging. Make your organization’s efforts count with the perfect tool.

Technical Specifications:

Specifications Details
Quantity per Roll 100 labels
Language Text in German
Labeling Fields Inhalt, Datum, Grundpreis, Gewicht, Preis
Material Durable foil (not paper)
Adhesive Power High, ensuring compatibility with vacuum bags
Resistance Freezer-friendly and washable

Build Trust with LAVA Quality

At LAVA, we prioritize quality to make your life easier. Our LAVA 100 Labels for Food Vacuum Bags for Food Vacuum Bags are a testament to durability, versatility, and user-friendly design. Take control of your food storage, eliminate the guesswork, and make informed choices with LAVA Labels.


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