Henkelman Aero 42 Chamber Vacuum Sealer


Key Features Description
Professional Chamber Vacuum Sealer Yes
Power 600 Watts
Seal Width 42 cm Double Seal
Vacuum Pressure 2mbar
Pump Capacity 16 m3/h
Machine Cycle 20 – 40 sec.
Housing Stainless Steel

Henkelman Aero 42 Chamber Vacuum Sealer – Elevate Your Packaging Game

Are you ready to revolutionize your culinary experience? Meet the Henkelman Aero 42 Chamber Vacuum Sealer – the epitome of precision, innovation, and reliability. Elevate your packaging game with this cutting-edge technology, sleek design, and unmatched sealing prowess. Trust in the Aero 42 to safeguard the quality and freshness of your products.

Henkelman Aero 42 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Precision Sealing for Professionals

The Henkelman Aero 42 Chamber Vacuum Sealer is more than a vacuum sealer; it’s a symbol of innovation crafted for culinary professionals. Its intuitive control interface empowers you with three customizable setting programs, ensuring unparalleled precision in sealing and preserving your products’ quality. Step into a new era of efficiency and precision.

Innovation Meets Design

Experience the perfect blend of innovation and design with the Aero 42. Its robust and innovative structure is a testament to form meeting function. Equipped with pressure sensor technology, this vacuum sealer guarantees accurate vacuum settings, adapting effortlessly to seal soft items or liquids. The Aero 42 is designed to meet the diverse needs of culinary professionals.

Enhanced Efficiency

Say goodbye to cumbersome sealing processes. The Aero 42 comes with a memory function, hygienic stainless steel design, and rounded edges for easy cleaning. The strong double seal adheres to HACCP standards, ensuring food safety with every use. Ideal for professionals in restaurants, catering, and supermarkets, it enhances food presentation, prolongs shelf life, and upholds stringent food safety standards.

Preserve with Confidence

The Henkelman Aero 42 goes beyond sealing; it preserves the essence of your products. Its hermetic seal acts as a shield against bacteria, moisture loss, and mold growth, guaranteeing your products remain safe, fresh, and flavorful. Preserve with confidence, knowing the Aero 42 is your guardian against food waste.

Henkelman Aero 42 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Modern, User-Friendly, and Safe

Sealing is just the beginning – the Aero 42 is about preserving value. Modern, user-friendly, and offering a full range of options, this vacuum sealer extends the shelf life of your products, maintains optimal hygiene, and prevents contamination. Bid farewell to food waste and embrace enhanced food safety with the Aero 42.

Elevate Your Culinary Game

Whether you operate in retail, restaurants, catering, or supermarkets, the Henkelman Aero 42 Chamber Vacuum Sealer is your key to success. Elevate food presentation, enhance product quality, and prolong shelf life. With the Aero 42, you can preserve the value of your products while ensuring their safety, setting new standards in culinary perfection.

Upgrade Your Packaging Game

In the culinary world, packaging is a critical element for food safety and presentation. The Aero 42 offers unparalleled efficiency, sealing in freshness, taste, and value. Say goodbye to food waste and welcome the future of culinary perfection with the Henkelman Aero 42 Chamber Vacuum Sealer.

Henkelman Aero 42 Chamber Vacuum Sealer Technical Specifications:
  • Control Interface: Intuitive with three customizable setting programs
  • Design: Innovative, sturdy, and hygienic stainless steel
  • Sealing Technology: Pressure sensor for accurate vacuum settings
  • Efficiency Features: Memory function, rounded edges for easy cleaning, strong double seal
  • Ideal For: Restaurants, catering, and supermarkets
  • Hermetic Seal: Prevents bacteria, moisture loss, and mold growth


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Weight 57 kg
Dimensions 52.3 × 49.1 × 46.4 cm


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