Food Smoking Wood Chips -1 kg pouches


Feature Specification
Flavors Multiple
Chemicals Free of
Origin Product of Australia

Food Smoking Wood Chips -1 kg pouches Elevate Your Culinary Adventures 

Welcome to the realm of culinary excellence, where Australia’s popular Food Smoking Wood Chips – 1 kg pouches await to transform your dishes into smoky masterpieces. Unlock the art of flavor infusion with these carefully selected wood chips, designed to take your cooking to new heights.

Unleashing a Symphony of Flavors

Each 1 kg pouch of Food Smoking Wood Chips is a treasure trove of smoky possibilities, offering a range of flavors to suit your culinary preferences.


Hickory – The Robust Classic:

Indulge in the robust, smoky essence that hickory wood chips bring to your meats. Perfect for pork, beef, and poultry, these chips elevate your BBQ to new dimensions.

Mesquite – A Hint of Sweetness:

Mesquite wood chips add a sweet and smoky hint to your grilled and smoked dishes, enhancing the overall flavor profile of your creations.

Apple – Milder with a Touch of Sweetness:

Opt for apple wood chips when you desire a milder, slightly sweet flavor. Ideal for fish and poultry, these chips impart a delicate touch to your smoked delights.

Cherry – Mild and Versatile:

Known for their versatility, cherry wood chips offer a mild flavor that complements pork, poultry, and fish. Embark on a culinary journey and discover the magic of cherry-infused dishes.

Pecan – Nutty and Sweet:

Pecan wood chips bring a nutty, slightly sweet flavor to your meats, offering a unique and delightful dimension to your culinary creations.

Food Smoking Wood Chips

The Smoking Gun Woodchips Experience

Take your smoking game to the next level with The Smoking Gun Woodchips. This handheld device revolutionizes traditional smoking methods, allowing you to smoke foods and liquids in ways you’ve never imagined.

How to Infuse Flavor with Food Smoking Wood Chips

Using wood chips for smoking is a simple yet transformative process. Begin by soaking the wood chips in water for at least 30 minutes to ensure a slow, steady release of flavorful smoke. Place your food on the grill grates above the wood chips, close the lid, and let the magic unfold. Maintain a low grill temperature of around 105-120°C for a slow, smoky cook that results in culinary perfection.

With Food Smoking Wood Chips, you wield the power to control your culinary destiny. Explore diverse flavors, embrace the ancient technique of smoking, and let your dishes shine with the timeless appeal of smoky goodness.


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